It is our heart’s desire to see Christ live in every life we touch. Our goal is to provide the body of Christ with information and truth so that we will unite as one. We strive to answer every question with the help of the Holy Spirit.

As we strive to teach and learn the nations, we long to see all that will worship Jesus Christ as the only God and Saviour in truth and in Spirit. We are but to aware of false teachings and is determent to teach the true living Word of God our Father. We feel strongly that our children and adults must be able to see and hear the truth. Because of this we are willing to work on this till the every day that Jesus will come for us. We want to empower the Body of Christ and strengthen them, build them up in the Fear of God, obtaining freedom in the Holy Spirit 2 Cor.3:17. Discipleship is what the Body of Christ and the rest of the world is in need of now, especially in the end times that we live in. It is not enough to reach out to those who have never heard and who are unsaved. They must be discipled. We believe the time will come when thousands will gather to receive sound teachings of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, even as it is done now and also in the past.

Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge [of Yahweh’s Word], I will also reject you that you shall be no priest to Me; seeing you have forgotten the law of your God. I will also forget your children.”

We want to help each and every one –– whether they are poor or wealthy –– in spirit, soul and body they need the Truth. We will disciple the children of God to maturity. All the glory goes to Yahweh our Father. We want to spiritually up lift our people.


Our vision is to train and equip all the children of our Father, Yahweh so that they can find the knowledge of the Truth and become blameless in the presence of Yahweh the Father, Yahweh the Son Jesus Christ and Yahweh the Holy Spirit.

Our passion is to see them growing into maturity so that harmony, peace and unity can be seen amongst Yahweh’s children.

We are here for all.

We embrace the Word of Yahweh and strive to have a practical approach for a lifestyle intimately interwoven with Yahweh.

These information and research can be presented throughout South Africa and internationally both for adults and the youth.

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